2Vitamins failed to send my order

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i am still waiting for a order for ALLI weight reduction pills which made in may 2010. it is now feb 2011.

at the time they blamed the volcanic ash cloud. if you pay by Paypal tyou only have 45 days to claim your money back. DO NOT GIVE THEM MORE THAN 45 DAYS NO MATTER WHAT EXCUSE THEY USE. if they do deliver the goods you can always reinstate your payment but you CANNOT get your money back via Paypal if they do not.

THEY KNOW THIS. sthey owe me £103 but refuse to repay it. BEWARE - when they reply to your email they do not enclose the original email. if they did the e-mail would end up 50 pages long.

they will make promise after promise after promise.

do not listen to them. they are registered in Arizona and complaints should go to the Dirst marketing Assoc, mail Order action LIne, 1111, 19th NW, Suite 1100, Washington DC 20036-3603, USA

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